Can bunnies eat zucchini?

Yes, rabbits can eat zucchini. However, they should only eat small amounts as zucchini is high in sugar. Rabbits also need other vegetables and fruits to get the nutrients they need.Do bunnies like zucchini?Bunnies do not typically eat zucchini, but some ... More

Do lions eat grass?

Yes, lions eat grass. They are obligate herbivores and need to consume a high amount of plant-based proteins in order to survive. Grass is an important part of their diet because it provides them with essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, minerals,... More

Can sharks breathe on land?

Sharks can breathe on land, but they typically do so only when they are in water. When sharks are out of the water, their gills close up to prevent them from absorbing too much air and drowning. Sharks have a special organ called a placoid body that help... More

Do ants eat termites?

Ants are known to eat a variety of things, but it is unknown if they consume termites. Termites are an important part of the ant's diet because they provide food and shelter. It is possible that ants scavenge termites from the environment, but this has no... More