What is the name of the newspaper?

The name of the newspaper is "The Globe and Mail.When was it established?The specialized globe daily 3 was established in 1879. It is the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States. What does it cover?The specialized globe daily 3 covers... More

What is the national animal of Turkey?

The national animal of Turkey is the turkey. Turkey is the only country in the world that has a national bird and a national animal. The turkey is native to Anatolia, which is located in Central Asia. The first record of turkeys in Europe was in 336 BC wh... More

What is a shih tzu blanket?

A shih tzu blanket is a small, warm blanket made for shih tzus. It is usually made of wool or fleece and is designed to be worn around the dog's neck like a collar. The blanket helps keep the dog warm and comfortable in cold weather.What are the benefits ... More

What is a yorkie poo?

A yorkie poo is a small, sprightly dog with a curly coat. They are typically white or light brown and have round ears. Yorkies are known for their playful nature and often enjoy being around people.What is the average size of a yorkie poo?The average size... More

Where can I find monkeys for sale in Georgia?

There are many places in Georgia where you can find monkeys for sale. Some people buy monkeys as pets, while others use them for research or testing. You can also find monkeys for sale at zoos and animal parks. If you want to buy a monkey from a breeder, ... More

What is the second largest ocean for short?

The second largest ocean for short is the Pacific Ocean. It is larger than the Atlantic Ocean and has a total area of about 135,000,000 square kilometers. The Pacific Ocean is also the deepest ocean on Earth, with a maximum depth of 10,911 meters. More

What is an ostrich?

An ostrich is a large, flightless bird that lives in Africa and Asia. Ostriches are the largest living birds and can weigh more than 200 pounds. They have long, thin legs and necks that make them look like they're head-down in the sand when they're walkin... More

What is an English Mastiff Golden Retriever mix?

An English Mastiff Golden Retriever mix is a cross between an English Mastiff and a Golden Retriever. These dogs are typically friendly, loving, and good with children. They make great family pets and can be very protective of their families. They are als... More

What is an animal totem chipmunk?

A totem chipmunk is a small, furry creature that belongs to the family of rodents. Chipmunks are typically brown or gray in color and have a long tail. They are very active and playful creatures that enjoy spending time in the trees. Some people believe t... More

What are the different types of hornets in Ohio?

There are many different types of hornets in Ohio, including the common black and yellow hornet, the bald-headed hornet, the European honey bee hornet, and the Asian giant hornet. Each type of hornet has its own unique features and behaviors that make it ... More

What is the great white fish?

The great white fish is a large, predatory fish that can grow up to six feet long and weigh over 100 pounds. They are found in both fresh and salt water, and are considered one of the most popular sportfish in North America. The great white is known for i... More

What is a shark?

Sharks are a type of fish. They have two dorsal fins and they have a row of small, sharp teeth on the top of their head. Sharks are predators and they eat other fish, squid, and sometimes other sharks. There are about 40 different species of sharks in the... More

Can you eat skunks?

Yes, skunks can be eaten. Skunks are a type of animal that is usually hunted for their fur, but they can also be eaten fresh or cooked. When hunting skunks, it is important to use a shotgun because the pellets will not go through the skin and hit the inte... More

What is iguana camouflage?

Iguana camouflage is the use of different patterns and colors on an iguana's skin to make it harder for predators to spot. Different parts of the iguana's body are used for camouflage, including its back, belly, legs, and tail. Some iguanas even change co... More

What is the highest mountain range in Eurasia?

The highest mountain range in Eurasia is the Caucasus Mountains. The highest peak in the Caucasus is Mount Elbrus, which stands at 5,642 meters (18,510 feet). Other high peaks in the Caucasus include Mount Kazbek and Mount Dzhungar.The lowest mountain ran... More