Are ferrets legal to own in New Hampshire?

Ferrets are legal to own in New Hampshire, as long as they are spayed or neutered and have a current rabies vaccination. Ferrets must also be kept in a secure enclosure that is at least 12 square feet (1.2 m2) and has a water dish and litter box.Where can... More

What animal has two feet but can't walk?

The animal has two feet but can't walk because it is a two-toed sloth. Sloths are mammals that live in the rainforest and have two toes on each foot that point inward, making them unable to move quickly or easily. They spend most of their time hanging fro... More

What is a lavender axolotl?

The lavender axolotl is a small, water-dwelling salamander that was first discovered in the Mexican state of Chiapas. The lavender axolotl is one of only two known species of axolotl, and it is distinguished from other axolotls by its purple coloration an... More

What is a ferret?

A ferret is a small, sprightly mammal that lives in the wild and is often kept as a pet. Ferrets are typically brown or black with distinctive white markings on their heads and bodies. They have large eyes and ears, and they are excellent climbers. A ferr... More

What is a tire track eel?

A tire track eel is a type of eel that lives in the ocean. It has a long, thin body and it can move very quickly. It eats small fish and other creatures that live in the water.What does a tire track eel look like?The tire track eel is a slender, dark-colo... More

What is freedpick?

Freedpick is a game where players use picks to collect balls in a pool. The object of the game is to either sink all of the balls or rack up points by picking them up and dropping them into a hole at the other end of the pool. Freedpick is one of many var... More

How many stomachs does a horse have?

A horse has four stomachs.Does a horse have one or multiple stomachs?A horse has one stomach.What is the function of a horse's stomach?A horse's stomach is responsible for breaking down food so that the horse can absorb nutrients.How much food can a horse... More

What is the name of the series?

The name of the series is "Welcome to Earth.What is it about?The Earth series is a collection of children's books written by German author Bertrand Blier. The books follow the lives of different animals and plants on our planet, from the first day of crea... More

What is the natural color of axolotls?

The natural color of axolotls is a light brown or olive green. Some individuals may have darker markings, but the overall coloration is typically light. Axolotls can change their colors based on their environment and mood, but they usually retain some var... More

What is the transvaal lion?

The transvaal lion is a subspecies of the African lion. It is found in the Transvaal region of South Africa. The transvaal lion is one of the most endangered lions in the world, with an estimated population size of just 60-100 animals. Threats to its surv... More

What is the average lifespan of a Great Dane?

The average lifespan of a Great Dane is 10-12 years. Some may live longer, while others may die sooner due to various health issues. However, the average lifespan is typically around 10 years.How much does a Great Dane typically weigh?The average Great Da... More

What is the average length of a husky's tail?

The average length of a husky's tail is about 12 inches.Do all huskies have tails?Some huskies do have tails, while others may not. It is typically a sign of being a purebred Siberian Husky. Some huskies who are not purebred may also have tails, but they ... More

What is the dendrobates tinctorius millipede?

The dendrobates tinctorius millipede is a type of millipede that lives in the rainforest. It has bright colors and long legs. The dendrobates tinctorius millipede is different from other millipedes because it has two pairs of antennae on its head. These a... More