I was inspired to create a lighthouse doodle after seeing the beautiful lighthouses in the ocean. I wanted to create a doodle that captured the beauty of these lighthouses and their surroundings.

What made you choose a lighthouse as your subject matter?

There are many reasons why I chose a lighthouse as my subject matter. One reason is that lighthouses have always been a source of fascination for me. They are mysterious structures, often perched on remote cliffs or islands, and they have played an important role in maritime navigation for centuries.

Lighthouses also hold a special place in the hearts of many people because they are associated with seafaring traditions and memories. For example, many people remember going to see lighthouses as children and spending time exploring their towers and galleries.

Another reason why I chose to focus on lighthouses is that they are symbols of hope and safety. Lighthouse keepers have been responsible for warning mariners about dangerous reefs and rocks near the coast, and they have also served as beacons during times of emergency. In recent years, lighthouses have become popular tourist destinations, especially in coastal areas around the world.

Ultimately, I selected lighthouse doodles as my subject matter because they offer an interesting mix of visual elements – such as landscapes, architecture, seascapes and light effects – along with textual content that can be used to tell stories or convey messages about various topics related to maritime history or culture.

How long did it take you to complete the doodle?

It took me about an hour to complete the doodle. I started by sketching out a rough idea of what I wanted, and then gradually worked on refining it until it was finished.

What kind of pen or pencil did you use for the doodle?

I used a pencil. I like to use a pencil because it is easy to erase mistakes.

What kind of paper did you use for the doodle?

I used notebook paper. I like to use notebook paper because it is thick and durable.

What was your inspiration for the lighthouse doodle?

My inspiration for the lighthouse doodle came from my love of nature and my fascination with lighthouses. I wanted to create a simple but striking illustration that would capture the essence of these beautiful structures.

What type of paper did you use for the doodle?

I used paper that was thick and sturdy so the doodle would last. I also used a light blue color to make it look like the ocean.

Did you use any references when drawing the lighthouse (photos, other drawings, etc.)? If so, where did you find them?

When drawing the lighthouse, I used references from photos and other drawings. I found some of the photos online and others I found in books.

Are there any hidden meanings or messages in your doodle that viewers might not pick up on right away?

A lighthouse is a structure used to guide ships on the sea. It can be either man-made or natural. Some people believe that lighthouses have hidden meanings or messages that viewers might not pick up on right away. For example, some people believe that the light at a lighthouse is a sign of hope and protection. Others think that lighthouses are symbols of home and safety.

Is this doodle part of a larger project or series that you’re working on? If so, can you tell us a bit about it?

This lighthouse doodle is part of a larger project that I’m working on. The project is called “Lighthouses of the Northeast” and it focuses on lighthouses in New England. I started this doodle a few weeks ago and plan to continue working on it for a while. In the meantime, you can check out my other lighthouse doodles here:

What inspired you to create this particular lighthouse doodle?

I was looking for an inspiration for a new lighthouse doodle series and I found this photo online of a lighthouse in Maine. I liked how the light looked against the dark sky and decided to use that as my inspiration for this series.

Do you have plans to turn this doodle into a more finished piece (painting, digital art, etc.) ? If so, can you tell us a bit about that process?

I'm not sure if I will turn this into a more finished piece, but I love the idea of it! Painting would be so fun and adding some digital art could really make it stand out.

No, I have not sold any copies of the lighthouse doodle. However, it has been featured in a few publications/exhibitions/etc. You can find it on my website and social media pages.

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