A blue merle cavapoo is a cross between a cavapoo and a merle dog. They are usually very friendly and playful, but can also be protective of their family. Cavapoos are known for their long hair, which can be any color except black or brown. Blue merles are rare but not unheard of, so if you're looking for one, your best bet is to visit a breeder who specializes in this type of dog.

What are the characteristics of a blue merle cavapoo?

A blue merle cavapoo is a rare breed of cavapoo that has a unique coat color. Cavapoos are known for their long, silky hair, and blue merles are no exception. The color of a cavapoo's hair can vary somewhat depending on the light source, but typically it is a deep navy with lighter patches of blue throughout. Cavapoos also have striking eyes - one eye may be darker than the other - and they are usually very friendly and playful animals.

Where do blue merle cavapoos come from?

The blue merle cavapoo is a breed of cavapoo that was developed in the United States. They are typically found in areas with a lot of sunshine, such as California and Florida. Blue merles are known for their beautiful coloring, which includes a blue coat with patches of white.

Most blue merles are born black and will gradually change color over time. Some may start out as light blues or tans, but will eventually turn completely blue. The reason for this color change is unknown, but it may be due to genetics or exposure to sunlight.

Blue merles are considered to be one of the most popular cavapoos because they have such a unique appearance. They make great pets because they are gentle and loving animals who enjoy being around people and other animals.

Who created the blue merle cavapoo breed?

The blue merle cavapoo breed was created by a breeder in the early 1990s.

How big do blue merle cavapoos get?

The average size of a blue merle cavapoo is around 12 pounds. They can get up to 18 pounds, but the average weight is around 12 pounds. Blue merles are usually a little bit smaller than other colors of cavapoos.

Blue merles are very active and playful and love to play with their toys. They are also very friendly and love people.

What coat type does a blue merle cavapoo have?

A blue merle cavapoo has a coat that is mostly light blue with some dark blue mixed in. The tips of their hair are usually lighter than the rest of their hair, and they have a white chest and belly.

Are blue merle cavapoos hypoallergenic?

Yes, blue merle cavapoos are hypoallergenic. They have a low incidence of allergic reactions and make good pets for people with allergies. Cavapoos are also resistant to some common diseases, such as cancer.

Do blue merle cavapoos require a lot of grooming?

No, blue merle cavapoos do not require a lot of grooming. However, they do need to be brushed regularly to remove tangles and excess hair. Cavapoos also enjoy being groomed with a special brush designed for this type of dog.

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