A mountain goat is a type of wild goat that lives in the mountains. They are usually brown or black, and have long hair. They are good climbers, and can go up steep slopes very easily. They eat mostly grass, but sometimes they will eat leaves or flowers. Mountain goats are not endangered, but they are protected by law in some countries.What do mountain goats look like?Mountain goats look like normal goats except for their horns. Their horns can be anywhere from 2 to 6 inches long, and they curve backwards slightly. They have big ears, and a small nose. Their eyes are green or brown, and they have hooves that help them climb rocks and trees well.How do mountain goats live?Mountain goats live in groups of about 20 animals called "colonies." Colonies usually consist of a mother (or mothers) with her kids (or kids), as well as other adult females and males who may be unrelated to the mother but help care for the kids while she is away hunting or grazing on nearby hillsides. What does a typical day look like for a mountain goat?A typical day for a mountain goat looks something like this: The first thing the goat does when it wakes up is drink water from its pool or stream; then it eats its breakfast consisting of hay, fresh fruit, nuts or seeds, and sometimes vegetables if there's enough available during the season (spring through fall). After eating it heads out into the hills to graze on grasses or browse bushes for food items such as leaves, flowers buds etc., depending on what's available at that time of year! Once it's finished grazing it'll head back down to its colony where it'll spend time socializing with its family before going off to sleep again!Do mountain goats have any predators?Yes - other animals such as wolves , bears , coyotes , foxes etc., may try to take advantage of an opportunity to prey on a defenseless animal such as a baby mountain goat . However despite their appearances these predators typically don't pose much threat to adult male mountain Goats due their formidable defensive capabilities which include sharp claws & teeth along with being quite fast runners/climbers! How many babies do female mountain Goats give birth to each year?Females usually give birth every two years however this can vary depending on factors such as nutrition availability etc..

Where do mountain goats live?

Mountain goats live in the mountains of North America. They are found in the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada, and the Andes.

Mountain goats are browsers, meaning that they feed on plants rather than animals. They prefer grasses and shrubs, but will eat other vegetation if it is available.

Mountain goats have a long lifespan for their size; some individuals can live up to 20 years. Females give birth to one or two kids every year, and they nurse them for about six months.

What do mountain goats eat?

Mountain goats eat a variety of plants and grasses, but they are especially fond of lichen. They also eat small animals, such as mice and voles.

How big are mountain goats?

Mountain goats are the largest of all the goat species. Males can weigh up to 150 pounds, while females weigh in at around 100 pounds. These animals have long, curly hair that hangs down their backsides. They have big ears and wide eyes that give them a look of innocence.

The mountain goat is a herbivore that primarily eats grasses, leaves, and flowers. They are able to climb very high into the mountains where they find food sources. These animals are shy and elusive and it can be difficult to get close enough to take pictures of them. However, if you do manage to get close enough, you will be able to see their soft fur and big ears.

How long do mountain goats live?

Mountain goats can live anywhere from six to 10 years in the wild, but some have lived up to 14 years. They are considered a “long-lived” animal and typically don’t experience many health problems. However, they do get older and may not be able to reproduce as often as younger goats.

What predators do mountain goats have?

Mountain goats have a few predators, but the most common is the mountain lion. Other predators include coyotes, foxes, and eagles.

How do mountain goats defend themselves from predators?

Mountain goats are very good at defending themselves from predators. They have sharp horns and hooves, which they use to attack and defend themselves. They also have a strong jaw and teeth, which help them eat tough plants.

Are mountain goats endangered?

Mountain goats are not endangered, but they are a threatened species. They are vulnerable to habitat loss and hunting. There is also a risk of inbreeding if the population is small.

Why are mountain goats important to the ecosystem?

Mountain goats are important to the ecosystem because they eat a lot of vegetation, which helps keep the land clean. They also help keep populations of other animals in check, since they can kill large prey. Additionally, mountain goats are a source of milk and meat for people and other animals.

What happens to a mountain goat's body when it dies?

Mountain goats have a very short life span. They can live up to six years in the wild, but most die within two or three years of being born. When a mountain goat dies, its body goes through several stages.

The first stage is called rigor mortis. This is when the muscles in the goat's body start to stiffen and become rigid. Rigor mortis usually lasts about 24 hours, but can last up to 72 hours in some cases.

The second stage is called lividity. This is when blood starts to settle around the goat's body due to gravity. Lividity usually lasts for about 12 hours, but can last up to 48 hours in some cases.

The third stage is called decomposition. This is when the goat's skin starts to break down and decay due to bacteria and fungi growing on it. Decomposition usually lasts for about 36 days, but can last up to 180 days in some cases.

How can I tell a male and female mountain goat apart?

There are a few things you can look for to determine the sex of a mountain goat. The male will have larger horns than the female, and their coat will be darker in color. Additionally, the male will typically have more aggressive behavior than the female, and they may be more vocal when mating.

Do all mountains have goat populations living on them?

No, not all mountains have goat populations living on them. Some mountain ranges do have small populations of goats living on the peaks, but most mountain ranges do not have any goat populations living on them. The reason why there are no goat populations living on most mountains is because goats are very poor climbers and they cannot survive in high altitudes where the air is thin and cold.

13 Which mountains in the United States are home to wild goat herds?

The Appalachian Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada, and the Andes are home to mountain goat herds. The highest concentration of mountain goats is found in the Rockies, where there are over 25 wild goat herds. These herds range in size from just a few dozen animals to populations of over 1,000 individuals. The most famous mountain goat herd is located on Mount Hood in Oregon.

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