The Russian word for elk is "elkhound.

How do you say elk in Russian?

In Russian, elk is called олень (olenn), pronounced “o-leen”. It is also transliterated as olens. The word comes from the Old East Slavic word *elʹka-, which means “a kind of deer”.

What does the Russian word for elk mean?

The Russian word for elk is "yak".

How do you pronounce the Russian word for elk?

The Russian word for elk is "yelka". It is pronounced like the English word "eel", with a long "a" sound at the end.

Is there a different word for male and female elk in Russian?

There is no specific word for male and female elk in Russian. The general term for both sexes is "elk".

How do you say bull elk and cow elk in Russian?

Bull elk and cow elk are both called бульварный элк (bulvarny elk), while moose is called московский элк (moskovskiy elk). In general, the word for "elk" in Russian is Элька (Elka), but there are regional variations. For example, in Belarusian it's called Элька-мутант (Elka-mutant), while in Ukrainian it's Элька-деревянный (Elka-dervennyj).

What other words are used to describe an elk in Russian?

скальный электрокар, пустыня, лес, хищник, овчарово-густой редкий зверь;

elk in russian - a large electric deer, the wilderness, a predator, a rare wild deer.

How would you use theRussian word for elk in a sentence?

I saw a herd of elk in the park.

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